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Mobile Working for Repairs and Maintenance.

When Broadland Housing Group introduced an in house property repairs and maintenance team, they needed to take a fresh look at the systems required to manage this new part of the operation.

We left no stone unturned to make sure that being digital first was not just wishful thinking but a real change and improvement in the business model to delver a responsive service for tenants.

What We Did...

  • We designed a whole new module that was embedded into Broadland main ERP so that there was a seamless sharing of data and management of customers either through the call centre and Tenants Online.

  • Intelligent Scheduling had to be at the very centre of the process. We had to achieve a one click approach to booking a repair into the digital calendar so comprehensive job sheets could be issued directly to the operative via the mobile app.

  • A comprehensive set of business rules and skills matrix were used to drive the allocation of repairs to the right person in the best location to deliver a fast service to the tenant.

  • The information supplied to the operative had to include the most up to date information on the tenant and their circumstances so the Repairs Team were fully briefed. The app underpinning the delivery of this information was developed by Reidmark.

  • The two way flowing of information between the app and CRM systems gave everyone a clear view of what was being done and allowed for a knowledgable response to customer queries.

  • The intelligence scheduling system was extended to the Tenants Online application developed by Reidmark so that tenants could self service and select the most appropriate appointment for them.

The End Result...

We have introduced a highly effective intelligent scheduling system that is built on the sophisticated CRM capability and comprehensive property management data. It has streamlined the customer experience and introduced a speedy allocation of works schedules for operatives. The app is being used for day to day repairs, gas and electric servicing and planned maintenance.

Reidmark and their mobile application team have radically transformed the way we run our repairs and maintenance service. We now have over 100 people in our repairs team fully optimised with mobile technology delivering our repairs and maintenance service across Norfolk and Suffolk.

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