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Reisgo is new software for managing corporate risk and assurance. Available as an online application it provides a comprehensive range of tools to keep a business focussed on risk.


Our task was to take the software concept and develop a product marketing strategy that encompassed a unique corporate identity that would be applied to the user interface and product marketing.

What We Did...

  • The product needed a brand identity that would form the basis of the marketing communications and the UIX for the product. In a marketplace of several alternatives it needed to stand out as a pioneer of future risk and assurance management.

  • Every piece of software needs a name so that was our first challenge. We needed something that was a bit different whilst avoiding the obvious 'risk management app'. We agreed on Reisgo (risk in Spanish with a slight twist on the spelling!) with a strap line 'realtime risk & assurance’.

  • Our styling was based on making the subject of risk appealing and accessible without undermining the seriousness of the subject. We used a modern typography and colour palette to deliver a mixture of bold, bright statements and key messages delivered through a series of info graphics.

  • Our interactive work began with a content audit, page goals, content review and storytelling style. The web site was going to be the primary communication channel for promoting Reisgo and also the entry point for subscribers to access the application and the UI.

  • With explainer videos, clear signposting and straightforward presentation on how to subscribe we made it easy for someone to complete their journey from gathering information to making a purchase. At every opportunity the communication is emphasising 'remagine corporate risk management'.

The End Result...

We wanted to position Reisgo as a one of a kind with its unique product features that would stand it apart from the competition. Through the UI and imagery we brought the brand to life and have worked to position Reisgo as the new level of software attainment for risk and assurance. Empowering, memorable and credible are the words that should spring to mind when reviewing and using Reisgo.

Reisgo is now a commercially available product following 12 months of beta testing. It is already delivering excellent results for businesses who are recognising the benefits of a realtime application that brings risk data and information together in one place.

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