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An Online Service for Tenants.

For social housing providers there is always pressure to run their organisation with value for money underpinning all their activities. Tenants Online was conceived by Reidmark 10 years ago as a technology platform for tenants to self service.

It offers a housing association and their tenants a quick and effective way to do more onlin by making that channel shift easy and relevant and more appealing that telephone or face to face customer services.

What We Did...

  • We looked all the interactions that are undertaken by a tenant and the access needed to support services to create an online replica level of response to everyday customer services.

  • The tenant experience had to be better than using alternative ways of accessing customer service so we created a simple to use desktop and smart phone application that was intuitive and focussed on getting the tenant to a quick resolution.

  • We took all the basic interactions and made them available online through a range of self service tools, including paying rent, reporting property faults or just keeping in touch with news and events.

  • Tenants Online needed to work alongside other business applications and in the case of Broadland Housing it is fully embedded into their enterprise  business system for seamless flow of data and information.

  • Each tenant driven business process was considered alongside how the housing association needed to manage their response. This meant we were able to incorporate complex case management for ASB, arrears management and complaints.

  • In a digital first environment we needed to make online services so good that tenants wanted to make Tenants Online their first choice. This helped to drive down the costs of delivering customer services allowing capital top end diverted into other projects.

The End Result...

Our brief was simple. It was all about making it easy for tenants to access landlord services online and to have a landlord relationship on their terms, whenever they wanted it. By making sure that business information and services are available when and how a tenant wants them is a sign of customer driven strategy. 

Online service delivery is a well established way of doing business is a growing environment for tenants who want a place where they can find instant answers, complete transactions and communicate with their landlord is a good way of achieving tenant satisfaction and saving money.

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